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Spray Foam Insulation Red Deer | NFW | Soundproof

Spray Foam Soundproofing

The need for sound proofing is becoming more and more apparent, as families' lifestyles are changing and more people are becoming aware of the impact of noise pollution on their sleep, productivity and happiness. With many activities taking place simultaneously in homes today, finding peace and quiet can be a challenge. Today's insulation products function as both thermal insulation and sound proofing materials.

Sound control is one of the biggest benefits of the spray foam insulation we use at Northern Foamworks. Whether you have a recording studio, a rehearsal room, a media room in your house or even a room in your office that needs to be completely quiet, we can ensure that all of that unwanted outside noise is blocked out and inaudible. We can also make sure that the sound coming from your room doesn't travel out and disturb your neighbours.

We use a non-toxic spray foam to provide your room with an effective sound barrier. This product rapidly expands to 120 times its original volume when we spray it in, filling every single crack and crevice so you have a permanent airtight seal that absorbs and reduces the transmission of sound. We can spray outside walls, inside cavities on inside walls and roofs to provide you with the best possible sound dampening.

Spray Foam Insulation Red Deer | NFW Soundproof

Why Do I Need Soundproof Foam Insulation?

The great thing about our spray foam insulation is that it does more than just deaden sound. It provides a host of other benefits that include:

  • Reduce energy costs by as much as 50%

  • Reduce dust, dirt, allergens, pollens and pollutants

  • Eliminate unwanted air infiltration and leaks​​​

How Can I Soundproof a Room? When Should I Soundproof?

  • If you are dividing a larger home into separate rental units, sound proof insulating between them will make the tenants more comfortable. This will positively influence the rent.

  • When you are having an addition to the family, the newborn's room should have sound proof insulation to ensure his or her peace and good night sleep.

  • If you are creating a work-at-home office, then you have to make sure you suffer no loss of productivity due to intrusive noises from outside, or within the house.

  • If you are planning a party room, or billiard lounge, in the basement, with the intention of having guests for loud into-the-night parties, you will spare yourself lots of neighbor noise complaints by insulating the space well.

  • The same goes for home DIY workshops, especially those that involve power tools. Make sure you have a well sound proofed space and keep the noise in.

  • Finally, all and any sound work (such as recording, mixing, editing etc.) can be done at home only if the room is completely sound proofed.

Need Soundproofing? Spray Foam Insulation Red Deer Can Help

Spray Foam Insulation Red Deer | NFW Soundproof

There are many good reasons to get sound proofed insulation for your home, peace of mind definitely being among the first in the list. We also see a growing demand for homes that are sound proofed, so there can be a reasonable expectation in the rise of sound proofed property values. As a nice bonus, the price for this is not at all that high. The reason is that what you get is insulation that is also sound proof. You get a great product that will save you hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills, and it is sound proof as well, as a bonus.

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