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Restore, Clean, and Transform Surfaces
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Restore the surface of your buildings, equipment, or infrastructure to its original, like-new condition.

We clean and prepare surfaces for recoating by safely removing dirt, paint, rust and other contaminants.

We're equipped to handle industrial, municipal, commercial, and oilfield infrastructure.

Our mobile units travel all over Red Deer & Central Alberta.

You can count on us to get the job done right, leaving a clean slate for a fresh start…

Better Results Less Dust Less Cleanup

Vapour blasting is a surface cleaning and restoration method.

It removes surface contaminants and coatings using a pressurized blast of water, air, and abrasive.

It produces a clean, smooth surface with few embedded particles or clinging dust.

Vapor blasting is alternatively referred to as wet blasting, wet abrasive blasting, vapor abrasive blasting, aqua blasting, wet sandblasting or dustless blasting.

Vapour Blasting vs. Sand Blasting vs. Slurry Blasting

Better Than Sand Blasting

  • Consumes less blast medium
  • Eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust
  • Allows more control over the surface finish
  • Reduces airborne contaminants
  • Safe for soft, sensitive materials - no warping or damage
  • Saves on cleanup and disposal costs
  • Blast pressure adjustable to a wide range
  • Won't damage substrates
  • Greatly reduces sparks, making it safer in industrial environments
  • Effective in rain and high humidity

Better than Slurry & Water-based Blasting

  • Uses much less medium
  • Uses much less water
  • No toxic waste**
  • Blast pressure adjustable to a wide range
  • No large slurry mess to dispose of
  • Effective in virtually any application environment

**Assumes not blasting a hazardous target surface. If using hazardous materials, we'll need more PPE and more containment.

Discover the Difference with NFW's Vapor Blasting Service

Sooner or later, paint peels, metal rusts, and surfaces accumulate grime.

NFW vapour blasting (or dustless blasting) removes coatings, corrosion, contaminants, and residues from hard surfaces. It leaves a smooth, clean surface.

NFW is Central Alberta's premier provider of vapor blasting services. Count on us for cutting-edge technology, dedication, and environmental responsibility.

Uses for Vapor Blasting


Municipalities use vapor blasting for:

  • surface preparation and maintenance
  • street and sidewalk cleaning
  • restoration of historical structures
  • equipment maintenance
  • playground equipment cleaning
  • infrastructure rehabilitation
  • statue and monument cleaning
  • sports facilities maintenance

Abrasive blasting improves appearance and safety while extending lifespan.

Environmental Businesses

Vapor blasting is a valuable process for environmental businesses involved in:

  • remediation
  • restoration
  • decontamination
  • mould and mildew removal
  • preparation for recycling
  • eco-friendly cleaning

Dustless blasting is a more environmentally friendly option than many traditional cleaning methods.

Industrial and Commercial

Vapor honing is a valuable tool for commercial and industrial businesses:

  • cleaning and maintaining equipment
  • preparing surfaces for painting or coating
  • cleaning buildings and structures

It extends equipment life and provides a clean surface for repainting or recoating.


Vapour blasting is an effective technique for

  • cleaning and maintaining oilfield equipment
  • preparing facilities for inspection
  • pipeline cleaning
  • decontamination
  • storage tank cleanup

It extends the lifespan of components, maintains pipeline integrity, and reduces the risk of pollution.

Unleashing the Power of Dustless Blasting:
A Closer Look at Its Benefits

There are compelling reasons why vapor blasting solutions are rapidly gaining traction across many industries in Red Deer and surrounding area:

A Clean Approach to Surface Preparation

The ingenious design of dustless blasting eliminates costly and time-consuming cleanups. It reduces hazardous dust particles, a common by-product of many traditional blasting methods. This safeguards the health and safety of operators, bystanders, and pets. And it significantly reduces post-blasting cleanup efforts.

An Eco-friendly Solution

Vapor blasting distinguishes itself from other methods because of its eco-conscious design. It conserves water, minimizes waste, and is quieter than alternatives.

Versatility in Action

The advantages of dustless blasting extend far beyond its eco-friendly credentials. It can treat many surface types, including metal, concrete, glass, wood, and fibreglass. And it does that without causing warping or other damage.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Vapor blasting is highly efficient. It cleans, degreases, and refinishes a surface in one step. There's no need to prepare the surface before blasting or clean it afterward. The impressive speed of abrasive blasting translates into substantial savings in labour costs.


Dry blasting can create electrically charged sparks. This can cause explosions in the presence of flammable gases. Wet blasting doesn't completely eliminate sparks. But they aren't charged with static electricity, minimizing the explosive potential.


When a dry abrasive substance hits a hard surface, it often shatters. This sends small particles flying into the air as dust.

When using a wet abrasive, the water droplets capture the fine particles. The extra weight of the water keeps the particles from becoming airborne.

The water also adds more mass to the particle on impact. As the water droplet disperses, hydrostatic force removes surface coatings. This leaves a smoother, feathered edge around the perimeter.

Vapor blasting creates some contamination, but it's cleaned up as part of our process.

The residue is better contained than using traditional methods like sand blasting.

We tape the work area to collect outfall when necessary.

We close up nearby drains.

No. Our process creates very few vapours or dust. One less thing for you to worry about.

We bring our own water, and the system is self-contained, so don't worry about water.

Yes. No problem.

No. You can start using your facilities right away.

Often, people don't need to be removed very far from the blasting operation. Most of your facilities could be available to you during the process.

Every job is different, and we will evaluate conditions to set a safe perimeter. A 20-foot radius is often sufficient.

We select the blasting medium that best cleans the surface without causing damage. The specific choice of blasting media depends on:

  • composition of the underlying surface
  • type of contaminant to be removed
  • the desired finish

Some examples include:

Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)

This very soft media is excellent for delicate jobs. It's non-abrasive and can remove contaminants without damaging the underlying surface. Baking soda also has the advantage of being environmentally friendly.

Plastic beads

We use plastic media for delicate operations. An example is removing paint from sensitive metal surfaces. This works without causing any deformation or damage.

Crushed glass

We use this versatile medium on many types of surfaces. It's abrasive,  but we can use it gently with lower-pressure settings.

Walnut shells

This is a biodegradable and non-toxic medium. We often use it for cleaning delicate surfaces like wood. Walnut shells are relatively soft and less likely to cause etching on the surface. They also create less heat than other media.

Our well-trained technicians understand how blasting media affect various surfaces. They:

  • choose the correct medium
  • calibrate the blasting pressure
  • determine the distance from the nozzle to the surface

Their expertise is vital in removing all contaminants while protecting the underlying surface.

For surfaces that are not delicate, we use various types of blasting media. These are often harder and more aggressive. They remove tough contaminants like heavy rust, scale, or multiple layers of paint. Here are some examples:

Steel Grit or Steel Shot

Steel grit is angular and very aggressive. It creates a rough texture for better paint adhesion during your painting project.

Steel shot is spherical and creates a smooth, polished finish.

We use both media for heavy-duty blasting projects. For example, removing scale, rust, or old coatings from steel structures.

Aluminum Oxide

This is a very hard and sharp medium. It is popular for surface preparation, etching, and heavy-duty cleaning. We can reuse it several times, making it cost-effective for large projects.

Silicon Carbide

This is one of the hardest blasting mediums. We use silicon carbide for hard materials like stone, glass, concrete, and tough metals. It's fast cutting and suitable for applications requiring high productivity.

Glass Beads

We use larger glass beads under high pressure to remove rust and mill scale. They generally leave a smooth, bright finish.


This is a semi-hard, sharp media suitable for various surface preparation tasks. We use it in blasting applications for its high performance and recyclability.

Choosing the correct blasting media depends on:

  • the composition of the surface
  • the level of contamination
  • and the desired finish

First, our expert technical team will consult with you. Then they'll choose the perfect medium for your cleaning or surface preparation project.

NFW  vapour blasting services are mobile, and we offer them all over Central Alberta. We travel to locations such as Sylvan Lake, Blackfalds, Ponoka, Lacombe, Olds, Sundre.

Chances are good that we provide vapor blasting services at your location. Please contact us for more information and a quote.

Vapour blasting uses a combination of water, abrasive media and pressurized air.

It's suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • automotive restoration
  • corrosion removal
  • paint and coatings removal
  • industrial maintenance and cleaning
  • masonry restoration
  • monument cleaning
  • stone and brick restoration
  • wood restoration

Vapor blasting is faster than sandblasting or grinding, and it creates less dust.

This method is also one of the safest for workers. It doesn't expose them to hazardous materials like silica-based abrasives.

Dustless blasting helps to save money. It reduces labour times, equipment costs, and materials usage.

Media refers to materials that don't create a surface profile on impact. These could be organic or inorganic materials. Abrasives include any blast material that creates a surface pattern on impact. Surface coatings adhere more strongly to patterned surfaces.

Yes, it's often more effective. Vapour blasting creates less airborne dust and debris than sandblasting. This eliminates the need for respirators and most protective equipment. It is particularly effective in enclosed spaces.

Additionally, with dustless blasting, we can recycle the abrasive medium. This reduces environmental impact and saves time, money, and mess.

Read a detailed comparison of both techniques.

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