Concrete Lifting, Leveling & Repair
Red Deer & Central Alberta

We Lift Sunken Concrete Quickly and Effectively with Geotechnical Foam

If you have sinking concrete, NFW can lift and level it to help eliminate pooling water and trip hazards. We level concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and slabs within an hour of Red Deer using a proven geotechnical foam injection solution.

With geotechnical foam, we can quickly restore the structure and safety of your concrete without any mess.

For a free estimate on concrete repair in Red Deer or Central Alberta, contact us. No obligation.

The Concrete Lifting Process

Geotechnical (Polyurethane) foam is engineered specifically for concrete lifting. It is injected beneath the slab using our specialized equipment.

The Lift

First, we strategically drill dime-sized holes into the slab that requires lifting. Then we make precise injections that expand slowly to fill voids under the slab and raise it to the desired position. Careful injections ensure complete coverage beneath the slab and permanent support for the facilities above.

We can raise any concrete slab accurately, including slabs bearing heavy structures like garages or slab-on-grade buildings.


After lifting the slab, we patch holes with a cement patching mortar matched to the colour of your concrete. Sun exposure lightens concrete over time, and our patching mortar will also lighten to match.

The repaired area is ready for use immediately after our crew is finished!

How Long Does It Take to Lift Concrete?

The average driveway or sidewalk repair typically takes 1-2 hours, depending on the scope of your project. Interior floors can take all day. The time is determined by the size of the slab and voids beneath it.

Every job is different. That's why we offer free quotes.

NFW Concrete Lifting & Crack Repairs

A large equipment shed floor we lifted
Concrete crack repairs, our specialty

If your concrete is structurally-sound, why replace it?

Replacing the concrete won't fix the underlying problem causing the settlement. Concrete leveling is the answer.

Has your driveway cracked? Do you have a sunken garage floor? NFW is the company you can count on for a quick response and a professional solution.

Our long-lasting concrete leveling and cracked concrete repairs are completely mess-free and stress-free.

We are completely confident in our technicians and our product. So much so, we offer a 10 year, non-transferable limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on materials.

As well as concrete lifting, we routinely provide void filling of cavities beneath stairs and other structures to prevent soil erosion or varmints moving into those spaces. Ask us about erosion control and soil stabilization!

Contact us today. We'll provide an on-site assessment of your situation, experienced-based recommendations, and a free estimate.

Advantages of Concrete Lifting with Foam

Foam concrete lifting is a thoroughly modern method with many advantages.

The traditional mudjacking method raises concrete by pumping a slurry underneath it through drilled holes.

The newer foam lifting method also raises concrete but uses expanding foam underneath slabs to fill voids and stabilize the soil.

Environmentally Friendly

Geotechnical foam is made without the use of toxic chemicals. Also known as polyurethane foam, it is inert and does not leach into the ground.

Non-Invasive Process

Foam injection requires dime-sized injection holes spaced 4 to 5 feet apart. Foam travels to a larger area than mud and then expands to become a dense foam. Slab lifting using geotechnical foam is less invasive and quicker to clean up than mudjacking holes, which are roughly 2 inches in diameter and must be drilled every 2 feet.

Fast Cure Time

Foam cure time is so fast you can use your concrete immediately. Mudjacking takes as long as 2 days to cure.

Foamjacking is perfect for residential and commercial work. Start using your driveway, shop, or loading ramp as soon as our crew leaves!

Soil Stabilization

Concrete lifting foam expands to fill voids and lift your sunken concrete, and it also penetrates the substrate below to stabilize the soil. Foam will not wash out. It also prevents soil-destabilizing critters from taking up residence under your slab.

Superior Technology

While it is modern technology, foam lifting has been practised for more than 20 years. Long enough to prove its effectiveness and durability and its superiority over other methods.

Lighter Material

Geotechnical concrete lifting foam is a superior option for unstable soils. It is much lighter (2 lbs per cubic foot) than a mudjacking slurry (100 lbs per cubic foot). Better to avoid all the extra weight that can contribute to more instability.

Sheds Water

How can foam expand and lift concrete if there's water in the ground?

The geotechnical foam we use for concrete lifting, leveling, void filling & stabilizing is hydrophobic. It repels water during expansion, and after the process is complete.

The foam is not affected by groundwater or runoff from above. Preventing water infiltration helps to avoid future soil settling.


Geotechnical foam:

  • doesn't break down in extreme temperatures
  • doesn't degrade from the freeze-thaw cycle
  • doesn't deteriorate if exposed to microbes or fungi
  • doesn't wash away in storms or spring melts

In fact, geotechnical foam can easily last longer than your house.

We Work on All Kinds of Facilities

  • Garage Pads
  • Patios
  • Driveways, Breezeways
  • Basement Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Sheds & Equipment Pads
  • Slab-on-Grade Homes and Additions
  • Warehouse & Shop Floors
  • Offices, Retail Outlets and Strip Malls
  • Wheelchair Access Ramps
  • Industrial Slabs
  • Concrete Parkades
  • Storage Facilities
  • Barn Floors and Pony Walls
  • Grain Holding Pads
  • Concrete Ramps and Loading Docks
  • Warehouse & Storage Facility Slabs
  • Shop or Grain Bin Floors
  • Highways & Streets
  • Sidewalks & Curbs
  • Bridge Approach Slabs & Washouts
  • Culverts, Pipes and Ducts
  • Skating rinks & Bus Shelters
  • Treatment Plants & Pumping Stations
  • Parkades & Basements

We offer a comprehensive range of Concrete Lifting & Repair Services in Red Deer, Lacombe, Innisfail, Olds, Stettler, Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House, Nordegg and other locations in Central Alberta.

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